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If your students are struggling with writing well-developed paragraphs, or essays, that show evidence of their critical thinking, then this might be a technique that gives them success. I have taught it in my classroom for years. After switching from teaching ninth grade to eleventh grade, I discovered that the students in my classroom for a second time remember the technique from when I had them as ninth graders. They won’t easily forget this technique and it might help them become stronger critical thinkers and writers. Written by Donna Hilbrandt. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Great article. We talked about 5 x5 paragraphs for our son for the writing tests he had to take when he was in school. Five sentences with at least five words each. 1 introductory sentence, three explanations and 1 sentence to conclude.

PEEing down a page. I just converted this hub to a video hub for anyone who wants to check out the video exemplar. It simple and kids remember it! Good luck and thanks for reading and commenting. Wow, I love this article. I will practice the PEEing concept. The next time I tutor a student, I’d like to share this article with them and the whole technique of writing, PEE style! BKCreative: I hope it helps. I am trying to find some time to write more about this. I am working on a video too. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading and sharing. I think this is a great idea! Use PEE – and you got them. This is so clever – and our students need this to help them remember – and yes, gross is best. I no longer teach but a dear friend is teaching history – and often essay writing is necessary. My friend is brilliant at sharing the world with her students but as soon as they have to write an essay they tune out. PEE and I am sure it will make them perk up.