Writing A Teen’s First Love Letter

Great intentions and “love at first sight” raging emotions often bring a person to write out their desires in a love letter and give it to the person they are so enamored of.

This could be the worst move ever in the history of romance.

Love letters are, simply put, a second or third date move to be made… and depending on the relationship, maybe not even that soon.

The greatest love letters ever   written  have not been from anonymous strangers pining over some fleeting glimpse of love, they are  written  from the heart from a sense of deep passion and desire, for  someone  that was once close and is now moved away, whether emotionally or physically.

But do not let this stop you from  writing  a love letter to  someone  you have yet to be with. A love letter should involve the recipient in a way that inspires thoughts of romance, of wanting, of a love yet to be realized.

To make  someone  love you your first thoughts often focus on putting your own thoughts of love on paper and having this love letter delivered to that special person. Should this be the method you choose, make sure that your letter includes a romantic date plan as well.

“Dear (Name),

The feelings I have for you have inspired me to share with you the love I feel for you. Like the moon forever loves the sun, yet the cross paths so rarely, does my love for you grow as rays of sunlight at the dawn yet unfulfilled by time and distance.

I wish for you to meet me at the coffee house so that our love may be realized in life, no longer a hidden dream of mine alone.

Always and forever yours, (Name).”

Be as loving as you want to be, a love letter is an expression of your desires, a description of your dreams, let them find their place on the page and in your intended’s heart.