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A Dissertation Proposal (worth up to 60% of your overall mark)
This will outline the aims and objectives, initial literature review and proposed methodologies for
your masters dissertation which will be conducted during the Spring and Summer semesters.
Assignment 2: 2500 Word Dissertation Proposal (60%)
A dissertation research proposal should outline your ideas and plans for your final masters
dissertation. The proposal should include:
• The aims and objectives of research;
• Your main research question(s);
• An initial literature review detailing the conceptual basis for your research, highlighting key
academic research already published in the field;
• Your proposed methodology;
• An indicative timetable of research;
• Bibliography APA
You should submit coursework in the following format:
One document (Including appendices and bibliography);
Student number should be the only identification used;
1.5 or double-spacing typescript, but single spacing used for quotations, footnotes,
tables etc;
Font size 12;
Arial or Calibri font;
All pages numbered;
Acceptable formats are
:<.pdf; doc; docx complete as appropriate>
Word count excludes footnotes; bibliography; coversheet, <
insert as appropriate
> ;
See above for referencing style required and guide
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