Many writers want to have a solid and viable market before they even consider putting the pen to the paper, much less actually creating a literary masterpiece. A lot of other writers however, are not quite so particular. Many of these writers will work on “spec” or speculation. While both arenas have their good points and bad points, we will look strictly at writing on “spec” in this article.

It is called writing on speculation for a reason.   You  are  writing  and hoping to get your work published and paid for it. This can be both a really good thing and a really bad thing all at the same time. The benefits and the detriments both exist much as they do anywhere else. The difference here will be in how you deal with them as a writer.

Writing on spec allows the writer to write about literally anything and everything that interests them. This often results in much better writing because the writer is more comfortable and more relaxed with the subject matter. Often times the writing will be in regards to a particular subject and a viable solution to a common problem within that subject. Other pieces written on speculation include informative articles as well as articles of general interest about a particular subject matter or topic.

The biggest problem with writing on speculation is that the author never knows for certain whether or not they will ever actually be able to sell the pieces that they write. While this may seem to be an absolute negative to many potential authors, for others it is not necessarily a bad thing. While ultimately, everybody who is writing would like to be paid for his or her work; this same work can serve other purposes as well.

If the article does not sell, it can often be used on a personal web page or even as a part of the writer’s portfolio and writing samples. While no money was made on the original writing, it could still lead to other opportunities that do allow the writer to get paid for their work. So while they do not actually make money on the article that was originally written strictly on speculation, it did open up doors and opportunities that allowed them to earn money in the long run.

If  you  are one of the many people who  write  simply out of some unspoken love for the beauty of the  written  word,  writing  on speculation may be one of the quickest and easiest ways  for   you  to break into the world of  writing . While there is certainly no guarantee that you will be paid each and every time you put the pen to paper, you will stand a lot better chance of getting published than someone who never even tries.

Even more, the experience that  you  gain as  you  go along will also be reflected in your  writing  and your passion and dedication to the written word will probably never be brought into question. Throw in a few tear-sheets with that and you will be well on your way if not to fame and fortune, at least to a viable career as a professional writers.

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