Writing Tenders

Writing bids, ones that are successful, is challenging. It isn’t rocket science, not quite, but it does require an amount of dedication, experience and skill to make it happen effectively. Writing bids is no easy task. When done properly, bid writing can really flow and bid documents can begin to win time and time again. Ask any writer about how they feel when they get into the flow of writing a successful bid document and they will proudly tell you that it makes them feel great!

Writing successful bid documents takes many years of practice. Experience comes by practicing what you have learned in theory. Sometimes we might make a few mistakes along the way but like they say – the can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! Mistakes can and do happen every so often but the main thing is that we learn from them. Repeating the same old mistakes again and again is never good because it shows that we aren’t learning from our mistakes. So if you keep mistaking silly, unavoidable mistakes then try harder to identify the causes of your mistakes and provide solutions to them.

If you’re part of a company which needs to win more business or whether you’re a bid writing who just happens to have stumbled upon this article, you will know that some of the most lucrative opportunities that are available out there require well researched, professionally put together and compellingly written content which only a highly trained bid writer can provide. Another thing to be aware of is that it takes a team to write good bid documents on an ongoing basis. Whilst you may think that just one person can write lots of successful bids but there are different skill-sets involved that would be difficult for an individual to take care of on their own. I mean one person could write a good bid but it is better, when considering writing lots of bid documents on a regular basis, a put good bid writing team together, one member for researching, another for writing and yet another for proofreading bids. A fresh pair of eyes really can help when writing bids.

Companies need to win more business by writing successful bid documents. They can choose to either develop an in-house bid writing department or outsource their bid writing requirements to an external team.

Good luck with your bid writing efforts!