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However, you cannot afford to be hasty in matters as delicate as your career. Put in a great deal of time and effort to find about all that is related with this job change. While doing this, it would be helpful if you are clear about your own expectations. That way, you would know, what to do and what not to do. The reasons for switching jobs could be many, ranging from dissatisfaction or disillusionment with your current job, bad relation with the boss, attitude of the company, or a lack of growth opportunities. If you are shifting to a job in your own industry, you just have to find about the new company that you wish to join. However, if you wish to get into a new career field altogether, there has to be a proper backing to that idea so that you dont repent it later. Do your homework and ask yourself repeatedly why you want to leave the present field for a new one. Examine the activities that you like or dislike.