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Most of the students all over the world feel themselves burdened because of a number of assigned tasks whether academic or non-academic, such as essays, reports reviews, term papers and of course, case studies. Teachers consider it as a compulsion to make students work in tough circumstances to make them accomplish case studies in time.

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Any plagiarized case studies, research papers, term papers, essays or thesis if submitted to the teachers can result in your failure along with the insult that your work makes you a stealer in front of your classmates and your teachers. Consequently, your teacher fails you and you also lose respect in the eyes of your teacher and your classmates. A second condition occurs when you submit a written task that is not completely correct as it contains spelling and grammatical errors. Such a submission of flawed written assignment again causes displeasure for the student and he is considered not worthy of gaining good marks and is stamped as disqualified.

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