Argumentative Essay

Most students find it difficult to write a good argumentative essay. Ordinarily, an argumentative essay is a controversial topic that can be supported on both sides. It should therefore show both sides of the discussion; with the writer taking side with what he/she believes is the most convincing side

How to write a good Argumentative Essay

A well presented argumentative essay should focus on opposing and proposing sides. In the discussion, the writer is however supposed to lean on one side by convincing others why he/she thinks it is superior. This cannot however be based on unfounded claims, hence the importance of backing up the claims with adequate and relevant facts.

In an argumentative essay, always make a list of points for both sides of the argument. This should be followed by taking side on which you arm yourself with adequate facts to defend your stand. The primary objective in an argumentative essay is to convince others why you think the side you have taken is more relevant. It is however important to note that one is required to present both sides of the argument. It is at conclusion stage where one is supposed to conclude by presenting his/her side as the best option. As one presents both sides of the argument, one is supposed to shoot down the side he/she will not conclude in favor of.

In an argumentative essay, one is required to provide evidence or proof as to why one side (the one you are in favor of) is the superior or the best one.

The writing stage of the argumentative stage contains three important parts; introduction, body and conclusion.

The first paragraph briefly explains the topic, thesis statement and background information. It is however to point at this stage that thesis statement exemplifies your stand/position in the controversial topic. An example of a thesis statement. Although there is emerging theory that the world will end in 2012 based on Mayan calendar, there lacks evidence to show that the calendar has got any correlation with the date when the world will end
The body of the essay forms the core of the argument. This is where the writer is supposed to present both sides of the argument, with more emphasis being to shoot down the side which you oppose. Make sure to present or state the strongest points of the side you support. After presenting the side you are not in favor of, give your own view point and provide relevant evidence to pin it down. Making use of statistics, research findings from other studies and anecdotal stories provides a good base to pin down the side you are opposing.
Conclude the essay by re-stating your position as the most outstanding or superior. Remember, in an argumentative essay; choose wisely the side you want to take to avoid making the opposing side to look more superior to your own position in the essay. Look for as much evidence to support the position you will have written.
Hope this information will help you when writing an argumentative essay. Most students make mistakes of only presenting one side, in an argumentative essay; you must always present both sides.


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