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Laboratory reports are a particular form of writing that Science and Engineering students are likely to be asked to produce often during their studies. Lab reports usually follow very closely prescribed formats and it is essential that you pay very careful attention to the specific guidelines issued with your experimental brief.

Typically, a lab report is broken down into discrete sections, separated by sub-headings, and will include all of the following:

An abstract (outlining in brief what was done and what was found)

A point by point description of the experimental method followed (a bit like following a recipe)

A clear presentation of all of the results observed (some of which may be placed in an appendix to the main report)

A discussion of those results

A brief conclusion and references

Lab reports are always written in a neutral and objective tone and are kept as short and to the point as possible. They are not the place to experiment with elaborate language. For a range of introductory guides to lab report writing which may help to supplement the instructions provided by your department, please do take a look at the resources available on the right.

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These have a definite and quite complicated format which you must follow carefully if good grades are to be obtained. As well as title pages you need to include an abstract, an introduction, a list of materials used and a description of the method chosen.

These should be clear enough for a reader to be able to replicate your work, which can be quite a difficult thing to achieve. Also there should be your results, a discussion of these and a note of any literature cited.

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